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Pimp out your Hi5!

Welcome to Hi5 Style, we provide free codes, graphics and tools for your own Hi5 page. All you need to do choose a tool or graphic from the main menu above and follow the instructions to insert it into your own page.

Design your own Clock
Hi5 Cube
Get a spinning cube
Flash Text
Flash Glitter Text
Text Effects
Create cool text effects
Love Note Writer
Write your own love card for your Hi5
Love Hearts
Create Custom Love Hearts
LED Scroller
LED Scroller
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Banner Maker
Glitter Paint
Draw your own glitter
Love Note
Love Note
Glitter any Image
Glitter any Image
Profile Graphics
Want some nice graphics for your page, just try Glitter Graphics, kisses, Dolls and Comments for example.

As well as thousands of free graphics we provide great tools for your page - our latest effects for your Hi5 include the following; An LED Scroller, Glitter Paint and Falling Hearts.

How to Add Glitter to Photos

Part 1 - Type in the URL of the image graphic you wish to edit
Part 2 - Use our custom glitter spinkler tool to add as much sparkle as you would like to your image.
Part 3 - We then provide an HTML box which you need to copy the contents of if you wish to insert it into your own Hi5 profile.

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*  RUTHhttp://ruthlorena14.hi5.comfemaleEC...40
*  PEGASUS_WShttp://proud_ws.hi5.comfemaleTH...30
*  gladyhttp://gdl0216.hi5.comfemalePH...30
*  outspokenhttp://outspoken84.hi5.comfemaleKE...40
*  vanessahttp://www.vane_vane.hi5.comnonePEhello my friends...45
*  ashikthebesthttp://ashikthebest.hi5.commaleBDHello My Friends. Vi...33
*  la bonezhttp://www.myspace.com/maryakaflaka...femaleGBhey watz gud erbody...57
*  stepshttp://gachoki13856.hi5.commaleKE...20
*  Julia_redbubblehttp://redbubble_tvxq.hi5.comfemaleMY...45
*  gryngohttp://thegryngo.hi5.commaleGB...26

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